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Villmar prides itself in providing a wide range of supreme quality and specialty products thus being the leader of fresh produce in Egypt to the finest hotels, restaurants and catering industries. Villmar Group is proud to present this excellent range of produce discovered through careful market research. The images below will take you through a journey of superb local fruit and vegetables, imported and exotic berries, mouth-watering fruit, vegetables, wild assortment of mushrooms, herbs, cress and micro-vegetables. Villmar has combined its passion for excellence and its dedication to its clients to aspire to bring them the best possible ingredients in order to create the most delicious dishes.

“Fruit – Oranges/Apples/Cantaloupe/Plums or Kiwis – whatever your preference - conjures to the mind.. ‘colour,shape,texture,taste,variety and above all.. Freshness. This is exactly what the delicious fruit basket at Villmar offers.. YOU! Great importance is attached to selection procedure, handling,temperature control,storage, delivery and an extended shelf life…

"Vegetables – a word that conjures up two things; Healthy & History. Vegetables are unmistakably, an integral part of daily life, for Centuries they have garnished the Earth, providing it's inhabitants with variety, colour, taste and above all – healthy nutritional values! Vilmar's vegetable selections are no exceptions, we will provide and deliver to you, the First Class array of products…

Why we invest in Specialties products Consistently providing High quality produce 12 months of the year ensuring the delivery of a quality end product to your Guest, 100% HACCP compliant thus ensuring safe produce to your guest. Premium variety of products available enhancing the taste and flavor resulting in a unique culinary experience in an effort to WOW YOUR Guests…

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