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Baby Zucchini is a little version of the Zucchini. 
Baby Zucchini is a family member of the cucumber; Baby Zucchini is native to Italy.

Baby Zucchini is usually eaten cooked; however it can also be eaten raw as a snack.
Baby Zucchini are because of their size great to decorate a dish with.

Healthy Benefits
Baby Zucchini has been found to have anti-cancer type effects and ability to prevent cell mutations.

Tasty salad
 2 sweet potatoes
 1 ripe EAT ME mango
 50g smoked chicken
 ½ cup honey mustard dressing

Healthy breakfast / snack


 1 ready-to-eat EAT ME avocado

 1 tbsp olive oil

 salt & pepper


Beat the eggs in a bowl. Bake 2 omelettes in a pan with a knob of margarine.

Bake the omelettes golden brown on both sides.